Our History with the Electrical Industries Charity

PFS Group have been a supporter of the Electrical Industries Charity for several years. We ensure all of our staff are made aware of the benefits of this organisation and the support and help they offer is of vital importance in the industry. PFS have conducted previous events in the past in aid of the EIC to help raise the funds they need to keep providing their services and a business we look to support the EIC whenever we can.

Introductions to the EIC

Bringing industries together to help their own.

By providing financial relief and practical support services to people and their immediate families who have worked or are working in the electrical related industries.

Our vision is to be the leading provider offering preventative and high impact solutions, genuinely meeting the wellbeing needs of the electrical and energy industries.

We help all people working within the electrical, electronics and energy community as well as their family members and retired colleagues.

We do this through the provision of four workplace programmes that give the industry access to financial grants and a comprehensive range of free and confidential services. Our EIC programmes and services are provided free thanks to company donors, sponsors, volunteer committee members and fundraisers.

Apprentice Support Programme (ASP)

Employee and Family Support Programme (EFP)

Pensioner Support Programme (PSP)

Practical Participation Programme (PPP)

To provide a hand up to individuals and organisations in periods of challenge or change.

Sitting at the centre of a community that is around 1.3 million strong, EIC’s relationships forge a strong heart for the electrical, electronic and energy industries.

Employee Assistance Programmes for a bright future

The Electrical Industries Charity has a number of workplace programmes that are extremely beneficial to employers and employees. These are provided at no cost by the EIC and function as industry-specific Employee Assistance Programmes (or EAPs).

What makes us unique? Unlike traditional EAP providers we provide financial grants and extend the services offered to family members of our current and retired colleagues.

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Employee and Family Support Programme (EFP)