Aspirating Smoke Detection, also known as Air Sampling Detection or ASD systems can detect fires at a very early stage, often before visible smouldering takes place, before an open fire occurs and before intense smoke develops. They work by drawing air through a pipe network. The pipes have holes cut in them at specifically placed points which allows the system to draw in the air. The pipes are all connected to an aspirating device which analyses the air and generates an alert if smoke is detected.

This early detection is vital to mission critical and high-risk applications. The earliest possible fire detection brings significant time benefits, enabling a fast response to the first signs of smoke. ASD can detect fires significantly faster than point or beam smoke detectors. They tend to be installed in specific environments whereby a traditional fire alarm system may not be suitable, environments such as data and comms rooms (whereby the early warning can prevent significant damage), areas of a property where dust or dirt is likely to be a constant concern, or high level warehouses or other properties whereby traditional smoke detectors may not be able to perform as normal.

If you are looking to have an ASD system installed in your property it is important to ensure you select the right type of system for your requirements. PFS Group have staff skilled in designing and installing both small and large complex ASD systems.

Once the system is installed, or if you already have an ASD system at your property, it is important to ensure this is regularly maintained throughout the year. Testing the ASD system includes testing the smoke transit time to ensure the system is continuing to activate within the time-frame specified during it's design. Our engineers are trained to complete the required maintenance on Aspiration systems which includes replacing the filters in the main panel to ensure the system can continue to work as designed.


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