Disabled Refuge systems, which are also known as Emergency Voice Communication Systems (EVCS) or Fire Telephones, are systems that are installed in multi-storey buildings which allow for those individuals who cannot easily use fire escapes or evacuation lifts to call for assistance in the event of an emergency.

The systems must be designed and maintained to the relevant British Standard; BS 5839-9 -2011. With these systems being critical to protect life in the event of an emergency it's imperative to ensure these are working. A regular maintenance plan will allow for the workings of the system to be checked which includes the relevant control panel, power supplies and battery back-ups, as well as the main communication aspects of the device, usually a telephone or unit mounted microphone.

If you require a new Disabled Refuge system PFS Group are capable of designing the system to match your requirements. Our maintenance team are also well trained to allow us to carry-out the require servicing to a high standard.


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