Gas Fire Suppression Systems are form of Automatic Fire Suppression System designed to provide Fire Protection within rooms where the items and contents are of high value, such as Server Rooms and Communication Rooms, thus likely to be destroyed if water or other common firefighting agents were used to extinguish a fire. By utilizing gas as the extinguishing agent, this drastically reduces any potential damage to the assets within the room whilst still providing the required level of Fire Protection.

Designed to operate in a similar capacity to other Automatic Fire Suppression Systems, such as Sprinklers, upon Activation via smoke the Gas Fire Suppression System releases a concentration of gas within the room to remove the oxygen then thereby extinguish the fire. Gas Fire Suppression Systems come in variety of types, all of which are supported by our experienced Service & Small Works Engineers. Additionally, for each Gas Fire Suppression System, an Annual Room Integrity Test is required to be carried out. This Test is designed to ensure that a room is sufficiently well seal to prevent any gas from leaking out should the System be Activated.

It is therefore of vital importance that all Fire Suppression Systems are regularly maintained and remain compliant accordance with BS EN 15004:2017. Should you have a Gas Fire Suppression System which requires a Service, please get in contact with a Maintenance Team via the below contact details who will be happy to assist.


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