With a fully trained team of engineers we would be happy to accommodate any training needs you may have. As part of our handover when completing an installation project we would complete a complimentary training session with a few key individuals who will need to know how to operate the system i.e the weekly tests on a Fire Alarm systems, to ensure they know how to use the basics of the systems, and on maintenance visits we are frequently asked to show one or two individuals how to do the same. Sometimes it may be required to specifically train multiple staff at once, and at an agreed time. When this is the case we can provide a quotation for this training to take place.

You will then have the benefit of knowing your staff are trained in how to operate the respective system and you will have a paperwork in-place to this affect. This will help to cover your responsibilities to ensure the staff present in the building know how to use it and could potentially reduce false alarms, allow staff to reset the panel in certain conditions and therefore save on call-out charges, amongst many other benefits.


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