Depending on the type, size and use of the premises the Fire Extinguishers you need may vary greatly. If you are looking to have Fire Extinguishers installed at your property please speak to us so we can complete a full survey and provide you with our recommendations. Should you be concerned that your existing Fire Extinguishers may not be appropriate for your premises it may be best to have a maintenance visit completed so we can ensure your existing fire extinguishers are in good working order and we can also conduct a review to advise if additional or different extinguishers may be required.

We carry out annual Fire Extinguisher inspections to the BS 5306 Part 3 2017 servicing standards. The extinguishers will be checked for correct operation and any damage, all pressures will be checked and on completion of the service the extinguishers will be returned to their original position. All of our Fire Extinguisher engineers are trained to be able to complete this work to the current standard.

Read more about the different types of Fire Extinguishers below.

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