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We design new Fire & Security systems from the ground up. Our office team is made up of many skilled individuals with multiple years of experience in designing systems to fit new or existing buildings to ensure a fully operational and compliant system is in place. Our team are well versed in all of the applicable British Standards that relate to the system types we offer. We aim to ensure our customers are confident in our ability to deliver through all of the stages of the design process.

We have a dedicated CAD team capable of producing very detailed designs of your proposed system. We are also equally adept at working with pre-supplied drawings produced by others and our team will analyse drawings of proposed works and highlight any deficiencies in the planned system as part of our process before outlining to our customers the cost of installing the system.

With knowledgeable and experienced staff we aim to ensure clients have full confidence that we can deliver the system they require and leave them with a comprehensive and well-designed system that will last many years. Our commitment to delivering a good product all begins at design stage.

If you wish to know more about how we can help you, please contact us below.