While Fire Alarm systems work well to alert any on-site staff of a Fire, what happens if the building is un-occupied and no one is present to call the Fire Brigade? Fire Alarm remote monitoring bridges the gap between having a robust and effective on-site Fire Alarm system and the ability to still know the alarm has activated when the building is closed. PFS Group are partnered with EMCS, an independent Alarm Receiving Centre (also known as an ARC). EMCS are recognised as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced ARC's in the industry and are fully accredited by NSI.

PFS Group can provide remote monitoring solutions for Fire Alarms and other alarm systems such as Intruder alarms. If you would like to set-up remote monitoring for your Fire Alarm system please contact us, our Estimation team will take the relevant details and provide you with a formal quotation for the installation of a remote monitoring system. All of our installation quotes include a free 12 month subscription for the remote monitoring connection, thereafter an annual fee will be due. Depending on your requirements it may be possible to connect your remote monitoring to automatically contact the Police or Fire Brigade should an activation be detected.

As part of the remote monitoring package EMCS will contact the named keyholders should an activation occur on the system and you can stipulate multiple contacts where needed to ensure if such an event occurs the right individuals will be made aware. This keyholder list is managed via PFS Group and can be altered whenever you wish. Management of your alarm data is also included as part of the subscription and a member of the PFS Group Service team will reach out to you on the next business day of an alarm being caused to check if any other actions can be taken in the event it was a false alarms. Faulty equipment or lack of staff training for example can cause false alarms and can cause additional costs to a business if corrective action is not taken.


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