A voice alarm system (sometimes referred to as a voice evacuation system) is installed with the safety of staff and general public in mind. It is a system that assists in the effective evacuation of an area or building during a fire, bomb alert or other emergency. At all other times a voice alarm system is used to make public address announcements, broadcast advertisements or background music. All broadcasts, be they live announcements or continual music, can be sent to all areas of a site or to selected areas (referred to as zones).

Naturally a voice alarm system needs to work at all times, whenever it is called upon and therefore the system makes use of back-up batteries which, alongside other elements of the system, need to be checked on regular maintenance visits. Therefore even if the mains power fails the system will continue to function. PFS Group have a large amount of experience installing Voice Alarm systems and alongside our gold integration status for the market leading Baldwin-Boxall systems we will be able to support any of your requirements, whether that be a brand new system or maintenance for an existing system.


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