Intruder Alarms are a staple in the majority of business properties and these days in many homes as well. That additional level of protection gives business and home owners a lot of comfort. Like all systems an Intruder Alarm will only prove beneficial if it has been designed with the requirements of the user taken into account. If you are looking to install an intruder alarm in your home or business you can contact our experienced team by clicking on the button further down this page.

If you have an intruder alarm system already it is important to reminder to ensure a maintenance contract is in place for this system. Intruder alarms may go some time between activations so it's crucial that the system is working on the whole, but also that the individual devices are working correctly as well. Regular maintenance will reduce the likelihood of any faults and also give you additional peace of mind that your intruder alarm system is fully working should it ever be needed.


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