CCTV systems can provide that extra layer of security to either the external parts of the property, internal areas, or both. There are many different CCTV systems on the market and it's important that you understand what you are trying to achieve with the system before putting one in place. Elements such as recording length, night viewing & illumination, monitoring and how to access the data can be accessed are all just part of the thought process. PFS Group are able to design a CCTV system taking into account your requirements.

Once the system is installed, or if you have one already, it's important to ensure it is regularly maintained. CCTV systems often go long periods without needing to be used, therefore when you do need to review the footage it's imperative that the system has been recording the data you needed. As part of the maintenance visits our engineers first check the cameras are functioning, cleaning them as needed and they check the data is recording successfully. It's important all cameras are inspected thoroughly with particular attention paid to the mounting and any wall brackets. The camera housing, cabling and image quality are also among the items checked.

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