About the Programme

Industry Skills Shortage

While there are many elements of our business which we believe set us apart from our competitors we are particularly proud of our work over the past several years to help grow the number of engineers capable of providing high quality service to our clients. Every business operating within the Fire & Security industry will most likely have discovered the shortage of skilled labour in recent years with a seemingly consistent decline across the past decade in particular. Noticing this PFS Group have endeavoured to create a robust and effective training programme. Starting in the mid 2010's our training programme has consistently delivered results and created some very skilled individuals, the majority of which remain with the company to this day.

How it Works

Our training process takes individuals who have either limited, or no, existing industry experience and ensures they are given the tools, training and time to succeed. Incoming trainee engineers are paired with existing skilled staff and are also put through various industry approved courses and qualifications to ensure they have the skill levels needed to carry out work on our customers sites to the high level expected. Using our experience of working in the Fire & Security industry for over 20 years, we have created a strategy for training which is almost unparalleled in the industry. All of our qualified service engineers are involved in training new engineers and this is overseen with a comprehensive training checklists, instructions, on-site review and utilisation of our office-based training area.

The Benefits to Our Clients

The way we embrace training, especially our dedicated training programme for creating a new generation of engineers, also has many benefits for our customers. Unlike the majority of Fire Alarm & Security companies, we do not rely on existing labour in the industry and instead look to create our own as much as possible, this leads to engineers with the correct mindset as well as the correct skills. Our customers therefore have the confidence that our engineers don't just simply have the skills to do their job, but they also have the correct work ethic and mindset to do the job well. Knowing the individuals working on your property have undergone extensive training will only strengthen your trust in them, they are all trained in the latest standards and do not rely on out-of-date knowledge. Their training does not stop, both on-site experience and further supplementary courses are consistently provided to ensure our engineers remain as capable and confident as they possibly can.

Our Training Room

All of our trainee engineers also have the added benefit of being able to utilise our training room. Consisting of different types of panels by some of the leading Fire & Security manufacturers, our training room is a great location to be able to show our engineers the inner working of each system and how to use these correctly before they go out and work on live systems. Even engineers with many years of experience appreciate the ability they have to refamiliarise themselves with certain panels and try different solutions to problems in a safe test environment.

Our training room at our Southend office