A Fire Damper is defined as, “A moveable closure within a duct which is operated automatically or manually and is designed to prevent the passage of fire.” Fire Dampers are designed to close in the event of a rise in temperature, caused by either heat or smoke, which triggers the Fire Damper via either a Thermal Component, i.e. Switch, or upon Activation of a Local Fire Alarm Device, usually a Detector.

These simple, yet crucial, pieces of Life Safety Equipment are often overlooked due to their location within Ventilation Air Conditioning Ducts and require a minimum of an Annual Maintenance in accordance with BS 9999:2017. Due to the often-concealed locations of Fire Dampers, during each Service our Engineers conduct a thorough Survey of all the Fire Dampers on-site to produce a detailed Asset List which is provided to each of our Clients for their records.

During each Maintenance Visit, our Engineers will Inspect, Clean, Test and Service each individual Fire Damper to ensure correct operation. The condition of each Fire Damper, including any defect’s, will be highlighted in our thorough and comprehensive Report which is comprised of our Engineers Written Comment’s as well as Picture Evidence of both the Pre and Post state of the individual Fire Damper.

If you have Fire Dampers within any of your buildings which require maintaining, please contact us on the details below and our Service Team will arrange for our highly trained Engineers to attend site to carry this out for you.


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