To ensure your Fire Alarm & Detection system continues to work at all times a weekly test is required by law. This testing must be recorded in your fire alarm log book (if you do not have a logbook and would like to purchase one please refer to our pricing matrix here). Testing is performed by activating a manual call point in the building and checking this activates the Fire Alarm system. You should activate a different call point each week to ensure that you are checking the functionality of different points each week. Weekly testing of the system does not take the place of regular maintenance visits that are also legally required. Weekly Testing should also be paired with Fire Drills and other staff training to ensure you are keeping your staff safe and alert to the dangers of Fire.

While there is no reason any suitably competent person in a building cannot perform the weekly fire alarm test themselves, PFS Group can also perform this task for an additional cost as part of the maintenance agreement.


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