Sprinklers are a form of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems (AFFS) which have been part of a buildings Life Safety Equipment for over 150 years. Since their inception, Sprinkler Systems have been globally recognised as the single most effective method for fighting the spread of fires in their early stages, as well as reducing the number of injuries and property damage from fire by over 80%.

Sprinkler Systems come in a number of variations and are specifically designed for the purposes of each building, whether it is a Residential, Industrial or Commercial building. These include Wet Sprinkler Systems, Dry Sprinkler Systems and Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems. Contrary to common belief, all Sprinkler Systems are triggered via heat, not smoke. If the temperature in a room fitted with a Sprinkler Head exceeds 60-70 Degrees, the Sprinkler Head will disperse water at a rate of approximately 55 litres per minute across the room to suppress the fire.

Whilst Sprinkler Systems are generally straightforward by design and operation, each Sprinkler System is comprised of a number of different aspects, including Sprinkler Heads, Fire Pumps, Flow Arm Switches and more. All the parts which form a buildings Sprinkler System need to be regularly maintained in accordance with the relevant British Standard - BS EN 12845 TB203 - to ensure the System is compliant and fully operational.

At PFS Group Ltd, we have carried out Sprinkler Maintenance and Remedial Works for many of our Clients over the years, so if you have a Sprinkler System which you need maintained please contact us on the details below.


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