PFS Cloud Launches

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new online portal system, PFS Cloud. The portal has been in development over the past few months with previous beta access provided to certain clients, however today we’re launching in full, with access available to all of our clients.

PFS Cloud replaces a previous portal offering that was available until late 2020 and replicates a number of the features from that system whilst also providing further enhancements on the level of data you can access. This new portal is a very important part of the services PFS Group offer and is a very effective way of providing our customers with a high degree of information and incredible level of transparency of the data we hold.

You can access a lot of data such as jobsheets, quote, invoices and asset data via the portal – saving the need to call or email in to our team (although you are more than welcome to still do that if you wish!). This saves you time and ensures you get the information you need as quickly as possible.

There are further features planned for the portal in the coming months but we are also very interested in hearing feedback from customers and that feedback will be pivotal in deciding where to place our focus on any future developments we make on the system.

Below is a summary of what PFS Cloud can be used for at present;

  • Dashboard – the entry point to the system now displays some summary calculations including how many jobs are currently pending, how many quotes are outstanding and how many invoices are currently unpaid
  • Jobs – see all jobs assigned against your account, track job progress, download jobsheets – look at any invoices or quotes linked to them
  • Quotes – with the ability to download quotations and accept or decline quotes via the portal
  • Invoices – view any invoices and download copies, view current unpaid invoices (applicable for any invoices created from 20th May 2021)
  • Sites – see detail of any sites we have registered against your account, including contact information
  • Request job – request a job under any site
  • Assets – view your site asset data including when assets are next due. This can be looked at ‘parent level’ for items such as Fire alarm panels, to ‘child level’ such as the individual fire alarm devices
  • Documents – download PFS Group company documents such as our latest health & safety policy, organogram and insurance certificates at your leisure.

If you already have log-in details to access the portal please click here. If you’ve not previously been contacted about a log-in for the portal, please contact at us at [email protected] where we will be happy to set-up your account.



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