PFS Group Staff Stories: Aimee Lovejoy, Office Administrator

The third in our series of staff interviews whereby we are looking into individuals journeys throughout their time with PFS Group, this entry looks at Aimee Lovejoy, our Office Administrator and recent winner of our Employee of the Month award for December 2020.

What is you role in the Company and when did you join?

I am the Office Administrator and I joined the company in February 2019.

Are there elements you particularly enjoy performing as part of your role?

There are many elements of my job that I enjoy, I get to interact with absolutely everybody in the company and I enjoy that as I am a very sociable person, I also like to make everyone feel like they can approach me with any problems that they have, so I can help them. I love helping organise Company social events and coming up with ideas for them

My job is very varied, one day I might be working on spreadsheets all day, the next day I could be setting up laptops for our engineers. It is this variety that I enjoy, no two days are the same!

How do you integrate with the other staff in the office and do you find the office a good environment to work in?

I get to interact with everyone in the office as the administrative role is one that applies to all departments. I work quite closely with the Service department and feel like I am a member of that team which is nice as I don’t have a team of my own. I feel like the office environment has become more lively in the past year and we do like to make each other laugh and lift the mood especially if things get busy or stressful. I do enjoy working in the office as we all get along really well and I work alongside a great group of people.

What have been your main achievements you are proud of since joining the company? 

A team of 7 of us ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon in 2019 and I felt proud to be part of the team and I enjoyed helping organise the day for all involved, we had a Whatsapp group to motivate each other during training and on the day we all pulled together and we all finished the race one way or another. I also won Employee of the Month for December 2020 and I am very proud of that achievement.

Why do you like working for PFS Group

PFS is a company that is constantly growing and changing and it is exciting to be a part of that. It already feels like a different company to the one that I joined and I am excited to be a part of the company’s team and to see where the business goes in the next few years and how my role will evolve with the company.

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