PFS Group Staff Stories: Simon Ranson, Principal Engineer

As part of our aim to provide greater insight into the PFS Group team we will be publishing a series of short interviews over the coming months that have been held with some of our staff members to provide an understanding of their current roles, their experience of working for the Company as well as those elements of their role they enjoy the most. To start this off below we have included the thoughts of our Principal Engineer Simon Ranson who has a key role in the business supporting our engineering teams.

What does your Principal Engineering role involve?

I am responsible for training new engineers, carrying out audits on current engineers and ensuring that overall the high standards of PFS Group are upheld by the service team. I am also part of our out of hours escalation team helping to assist our clients end engineers outside of normal working hours.

In general what are the values you try to pass on to our engineers?

To take pride in their work and value the importance of fire safety and to uphold the values to the Company.

Why do you like working for PFS Group and what advice would you give to any new incoming trainees?

Even though PFS Group has grown in size over the years, it still values it’s employees and encourages input and development from all its staff, no matter their position.

I’m lucky to have worked with many talented and naturally curious individuals who wanted a  career within the industry. However I always explain to new recruits that such a career requires hard work but PFS Group is an excellent company within which you can learn, develop and progress.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

I enjoy being involved at many different levels of the company infrastructure. From liaising with clients, to carrying out servicing and assisting the coordination team. I also enjoy training and supporting the engineers.

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