PFS Group Staff Stories: Craig Norton, Service Engineer

The second in our series of staff interviews whereby we are looking into individuals journeys throughout their time with PFS Group, this entry looks at Craig Norton, one of our service engineers and how he has progressed within the business from starting a trainee service engineer a few years ago.

What were your impressions of the business when you first started and what was your role?

I started working for PFS Group in October 2017 as a trainee service engineer, I was very impressed with the quality of the training received and also the amount of training options available to me, attending courses and completing online courses. Looking back since I first started, the dedication and time given to me by the company to learn and progress as an engineer has been amazing.

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PFS Group Staff Stories: Simon Ranson, Principal Engineer

As part of our aim to provide greater insight into the PFS Group team we will be publishing a series of short interviews over the coming months that have been held with some of our staff members to provide an understanding of their current roles, their experience of working for the Company as well as those elements of their role they enjoy the most. To start this off below we have included the thoughts of our Principal Engineer Simon Ranson who has a key role in the business supporting our engineering teams.

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